Title IV Part A

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Expenditure Reporting

The expenditure report has changed and now requires year to date data. This will be a much simplier and look very similar to your TEA drawdowns where you report year to date values.  You will enter your revenue, expenditures, less your accruals, and your cash balance.  The report should calculate a zero balance.  If it does not, you will need to review the dollar amounts you entered and/or review your detail general ledger to ensure you have coded things correctly. You will then email your report along with your year to date detail general ledger.


Expenditure Report


Expenditure reports must be submitted on a quarterly basis along with the detail general ledger

Please email documentation to Brandy Schlueter at bschlueter@esc14.net :


1st Quarter August 1st - October 31st Due November 11, 2022
2nd Quarter November 1st - January 31st Due February 10, 2023
3rd Quarter  February 1st- April 30th Due May12, 2023
4th Quarter May1st - July 3st Due August 11, 2023