Texas Education for Homeless Children and Youth
Please reach out to Tina Haywood if reimbursement is needed. If approved please fill out the Expenditure Report below along with documentation of expenditures.

Reports may be completed and submitted as reimbursement is needed.

Final      Expenditures Report       due August 11, 2023

Please email documentation  bschlueter@esc14.net

Expenditure Reporting

The expenditure report has changed and now requires year to date data. This will be a much simplier and look very similar to your TEA drawdowns where you report year to date values.  You will enter your revenue, expenditures, less your accruals, and your cash balance.  The report should calculate a zero balance.  If it does not, you will need to review the dollar amounts you entered and/or review your detail general ledger to ensure you have coded things correctly. You will then email your report along with your year to date detail general ledger.

Click here for the Homeless Expenditure Report

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