Member Purchasing Co-ops
Below is a link to each Purchasing Co-op that Region 14 has become a member of. Your school district may already be a participant through Region 14 and has filled out a Participant Agreement. There is no fee for membership. Each link will take you to a list of approved vendors with their contract information. If you would like to become a member, or have any questions, please contact Theresa Dempsey 325-675-8604.
View vendors (by name or commodity)
All PO’s are made out to vendor, but are faxed to Region IV 1-800-458-0099 unless otherwise stated in the OMNIA Contract Information. All PO’s must reference “Per OMNIA Contract” and include the OMNIA Contract Number.
The Interlocal Purchasing System
Click on state of choice. View Vendors, Awarded Vendors. Address PO’s to Vendor Name, c/o TIPS, P.O. Box 1894, Mt Pleasant, TX 75455-1894, Fax (866)839-8472, unless stated otherwise in the vendor detail information.
Multi-Regional Purchasing Co-op - MRPC (Administered by Region 9)
The Catalog and Technology Bid runs from August to August (13 months). Purchases can be made from these vendors throughout the school year.
Click here for the online Catalog and Technology Vendors

Line Item - The Multi-Regional Purchasing Coop (MRPC) does charge a fee of 3% on purchases made on their line item bid which is once a year, (see timeline below). If purchases are made off the line item bid, Region 14 will invoice your district 3% of your purchase.

Purchasing Timeline for Districts – MRPC

Nov. Needs List for the next school year is mailed to districts then returned to ESC March Bids for the next school year are awarded
March PO’s are mailed to districts to order supplies for the next school year and returned to ESC (these are the only PO’s that go through the ESC)
July Vendors ship/deliver goods to districts during the month of July and are invoiced by the vendor
July ESC invoices districts 3% of their purchases to cover fees for co-op expenses. 
To Become A Vendor 
Region 14 and its districts are members of the following purchasing co-ops. To become a vendor, please click on the following links below and follow the instructions located on each site.

Texas Inter-local Purchasing System - TIPS (Administered by Region 8)

Texas Cooperative Purchasing Network - TCPN (Administered by Region 4)

Multi-Regional Purchasing Co-op - MRPC (Administered by Region 9)
Click here to access explanation of bid and to become a vendor of the MRPC
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