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The consortium, founded in 1996, consists of 55 members comprising school districts, colleges and universities, libraries, museums, hospitals, and city and government agencies in the West Central Texas area.

The WTTC provides telecommunications services for its members including Internet services, IP voice and IP video services, technical support, and training. It now provides Internet access for close to 80,000 endpoints throughout the region. The consortium has nearly 200 Internet video endpoint connections providing video conferencing services to the membership.

As the wide area network director I oversee the operations of the consortium as well as web services, firewall services and filtering services for the K-12 education members of WTTC. This site will give you up-to-date information concerning the operation of our wide area network and its services to the membership and the surrounding communities.

Picture of WTTC AdministratorMike Wetsel
WTTC WAN Administrator
Phone: (325) 675-8662
Email: mwetsel@esc14.net
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