• ACP Teachers - Hands-on instruction in digital technology

  • ACP Teachers - Collaboration with peers to enhance learning

  • ACP Teachers - Project-based learning

  • ACP Teachers - Building support systems

  • ACP Teachers - Meaningful learning experiences through face-to-face instruction

  • ACP Teachers - Preparing for real-world teaching

  • ACP Teachers - Sessions targeted to TExES exam frameworks

  • ACP Teachers - Innovative teaching and learning using hands-on technology resources

  • ACP Teachers - Instruction in digital teaching and learning from specialists in the field

  • ACP Teachers - Guidance from Region 14 consultants in instructional best practices

  • ACP Teachers - Developing presentation skills

  • ACP Teachers - Creating superheroes, one teacher at a time!

  • ACP Teachers - Practicing strategies for engaging students in learning

  • ACP Teachers - Interaction with peers to enhance learning.

  • ACP Teachers - Developing Leadership Skills

  • ACP Teachers - Practice Active Learning Strategies

  • So Much to Learn in so Little Time!

Center for Certification and State Initiatives

The Region 14 ESC Center for Certification and State Initiatives is dedicated to the highest level of educator, administrator, school board member, and bus driver preparation and practice in order to provide the educational community with highly qualified personnel who strive to assure a successful student learning environment with equity and excellence.


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