Business Services

Region 14’s Center for Business Services is responsible for business operations for the Service Center, providing administrative and financial assistance and support to school districts within our region, software support for districts using TxEIS, assistance and support to outside agencies for whom Region 14 serves as the fiscal agent, and much more. 


Be sure to check out our Calendar located in the grey column to the left of this page -Listed as Business Managers of the ESC 14 - Calendar of Events!!!


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TASBO Calendar -  listing of NEW task


Business Calendar

April 21 a.m. - Business Consortium -Joseph Mezher - Service Records Training - PitStop 109135

April 21 p.m. - TxEIS/Ascender Training - Service Records - PitStop 109153

April 22 a.m. - Procedure Manual for Student Activity - PitStop 109772  - (Bring your Laptop) 

April 22 p.m. - Procedure Manual for Child Nutrition - PitStop 109773 - (Bring your Laptop)

April 26 a.m. - Corey Green - PitStop 109774

April 26 p.m. - Business Forum - Discussion on Title 1/ State Comp Ed, Title II, Title III, Title IV, McKinney- Vento /Foster Care, ESC SSA - PitStop 109154

May 19 – Updating your Purchasing, Business Procedure Manual – PitStop 109776 – Nolan – (Bring your Laptop)

May 26 – Updating your Business Procedure Manual – PitStop 109777 – Nolan – (Bring your Laptop)

TxEIS/Ascender News

To get the Ascender most

Current Documents go to...

Ascender > Choose any application (left of the screen)

Once Application is chosen you will see at the bottom right Help ?. Click on Help.

Under the Table of Contents choose Ascender Business Guides & Checklists Homepage.

Select an application tab to view a list of guides & checklists for that application.



Business  at a Glance


 First quarter payroll reports for 941 and unemployment.

Chapter 41 districts make the third payment.

Review the status of Special Allotment Monitoring Program (SAMP) compliance for the current year.

Review, approve, and submit the SHARS Cost Report. (Due April 1st.)

Update/prepare the Summary of Finance template for the fourth six weeks.

Review federal grants for any final amendments needed. Begin planning and application for any new grants in the upcoming school year.

Review budgeted tax revenue and template estimates using certified estimates. (Due from County Appraisal District (CAD) by April 30th.)



Update leave on the current year service records if already created.

Provide letters of reasonable assurance if used.  


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Sign up for a face-to-face Workday's by noon of the preceding Monday by completing the Workday Request on our website. 


TxEIS Calendar: 

April 7 - TxEIS Business workshop - PitStop session                      109371

April 21 p.m. - TxEIS/Ascender training on updating the Service Records. PitStop 109153 - Following the Business Consortium on the Service Record training by Joseph Mezher. 

April 28 – TxEIS Business Workday – PitStop 109780 – Callahan Lab 

May 19 -  CancelledTxEIS Business Workday

June 9 – TxEIS/Ascender Business Workday – PitStop 109372 – Callahan Lab

June 23 – TxEIS/Ascender Business Workday – PitStop 109373 – Callahan Lab

July 7 – TxEIS/Ascender Business Workday – PitStop 109374 – Callahan lab

July 21 – TxEIS/Ascender Business Workday – PitStop 109375 – Callahan Lab

July 29 – TxEIS/Ascender Workshop – Part 4 - PitStop 109376 – Eastland Lab

August 11 - TxEIS/Ascender Workday – PitStop 109377 – Callahan Lab

August 17 – Ascender Business Workday – PitStop 109378 – Shackleford lab

August 18 – Ascender Business Workday – PitStop 109379 – Shackleford Lab

August 19 – Ascender Business Workday – PitStop 109380 – Shackleford Lab

August 24 - Ascender Business Workday – PitStop 109381 – Shackleford Lab

August 25 - Ascender Business Workday – PitStop 109382 – Shackleford Lab

August 26 - Ascender Business Workday – PitStop 109383 – Shackleford Lab

August 31 - Ascender Business Workday – PitStop 109384 – Shackleford Lab


For Help

Please use the ticket system on our website, send an email, or leave a message on our voicemail for Help. 

General Information

Send Phyllis Provan an email at on any meetings that you feel would be beneficial to our district staff. We just need to know what you would like to learn or get a refresher course on.


Emily Jeffrey: Chief Financial Officer

Business Forum

February, 2020


Packet - Documents


March, 2020

Packet - Document


April, 2020

     Title 2A and 4 Updates PowerPoint 


June 29, 2020





March 4, 2021

Zoom    May require password:                                        Passcode: .^Lan7LF



                                                                                              Business Consortium                                             

March, 2020

Federal Updates for Business Managers


October 14

  •  Investment Training - Mike Allison. Register in PitStop


November 19

  • TSDS Training - Tandi Cox. Register in PitStop.


December 3 

  • Training on the kinds of data to collect, how it is used & how it can impact - Cecil Mardis


February 23, 2021

MOE Training by Cindy Moses


March 29, 2021

  Account Coding and Student Activity