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Region 14’s Center for Business Services is responsible for business operations for the Service Center, providing administrative and financial assistance and support to school districts within our region, software support for districts using TxEIS, assistance and support to outside agencies for whom Region 14 serves as the fiscal agent, and much more. 


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A Guide to Statutory Professional Development/Training for Texas Public School Employees.  Providing Quality Professional Development for Texas school districts for over 50 years.

Print Guide on 11x17 paper - front and                 back.


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 October 12 - 9:00  Business Consortium - Public Funds Investment Act Training

Mike Allison, the instructor, will provide case studies on fraud prevention, a discussion on TRS, and some videos that he incorporates on financial efficiency and other items.

October 26 - 9:00 a.m.  TSDS/PEIMS Training - ASCENDER Business Fall & Mid-Year 

Training is an in-depth training for ASCENDER users. We will start with the Preparing for PEIMS and then reviewing the Fall PEIMS Information that you will need to be able to Submit your information - The  Training will cover coding PEIMS Organization Requirements, SSA, Finance Budget and Staff Information - Business data collected in PEIMS AND Teacher Responsibility records.
Mid Year PEIMS will cover Finance Actual Data from 2019-2020, Prior Year Campus, SSA, and showing how to compare your PEIMS with your Audit Report.

October 26 - 12 p.m.  TGIO 

Thank Goodness It’s OctoberLunch and round table discussions. (Sign Up in PitStop). Each year we meet in October to celebrate the closing of the prior school year, getting the new year off and running and to discuss how we can serve you better.  Please join us for an afternoon of fun.



Business at a Glance


The following business tasks have been identified for the month of October. Use the checklist below to ensure that the tasks are addressed, if applicable.


Finance - Payroll

  • In the second year of each biennium, review the pupil projections in the Foundation School Program.


State Reporting

  •  Fall PEIMS snapshot date is the last Friday in October.
  • Coordinate the timing of the PEIMS fall submission with the PEIMS Coordinator and student campus PEIMS staff.
  • Continue the audit tasks.


Payroll & Personnel

  • Continue to work on unique IDs (UID) for employees. 
  • Address the third quarter payroll reports for 941 and unemployment. 
  • Generate the EEOC-5 report for the pay date closest to October 1 and maintain data for submission at a later time when required.



To attend ASCENDER

Workdays and Trainings

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November 2 

9a.m. to 4p.m. ASCENDER  PEIMS Workday.


November 4 

9a.m. to 4:pm  ASCENDER PEIMS Workday. 



For Help!

Please use the ticket system on our website, send an email, or leave a message on our voicemail for Help. 


General Information

Send us information on any meetings that you feel would be beneficial to our district staff. We just need to know what you would like to learn or get a refresher course on.


Emily Jeffrey: Chief Financial Officer

Business Forum

February, 2020


Packet - Documents


March, 2020

Packet - Document


April, 2020

     Title 2A and 4 Updates PowerPoint 


June 29, 2020





March 4, 2021

Zoom    May require password:                                        Passcode: .^Lan7LF


April 26, 2021

Federal Program Updates:   Discussion on Title 1/ State Comp Ed, Title II, Title III, Title IV, McKinney- Vento /Foster Care, ESC SSA

Zoom    May require password:                                        Passcode: Gv8xE.4s


                                                                                              Business Consortium                                             

March, 2020

Federal Updates for Business Managers


October 14

  •  Investment Training - Mike Allison. Register in PitStop


November 19

December 3 

  • Training on the kinds of data to collect, how it is used & how it can impact - Cecil Mardis


February 23, 2021

MOE Training by Cindy Moses


March 29, 2021

  Zoom: Account Coding and student Activity