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Business Services

Region 14’s Center for Business Services is responsible for business operations for the Service Center, providing administrative and financial assistance and support to school districts within our region, software support for districts using TxEIS, assistance and support to outside agencies for whom Region 14 serves as the fiscal agent, and much more. 


Be sure to check out our Calendar located in the grey column to the left of this page -Listed as Business Managers of the ESC 14 - Calendar of Events!!!


Thursday, January 17

  • After audit is complete, submit Mid Year PEIMS (2nd submission that is the actual financial data from prior fiscal year): Match audit report to PEIMS data. Due to ESC PEIMS Business office.


Thursday, January 24

  • Mid Year PEIMS Fatal Free Submission due to TEA

Sunday - Wednesday, January 27 - 30

  • MidWinter Conference


  • DescriptFri
TxEIS News

Webinars, Workshops and Workdays.

Workdays: Wednesday, January 9 & Thursday, January 10

Workdays: Tuesday, January 29 & Wednesday, January 30

  • Mid Year, PEIMS, 1099, W-2

General Information

Send Phyllis Provan an email at on any meetings that you feel would be beneficial to our district staff. We are planning to put together some Zoom Live/Recorded classes. We just need to know what you would like to learn or get a refresher course on.

  •   When a user is reconciling the bank statement    and they mark items as cleared on page one, before they can move to page 2, they must save. If they do not save and go to page 2 the checked off items become 'unchecked'. So in order to move from page to page after marking checks as cleared they have to click Save as Pending or they lose what is checked on that page. 


  • The latest TxEIS update was loaded over the Christmas holiday.  This will allow you to print W-2, 1099 and ACA forms for the 2018 calendar year.  Please CLEAR YOUR CACHE before getting started.  If you have any questions on how to do so, check with your technology department.

  • Before running your January payroll, you will need to load the new tax tables.  We have loaded the tables, a webinar and instruction document on our website.  The process has not changed from previous years.  Please note that you must download the tables from our website before opening them.  We have had a few people note that they have better luck downloading things in Google Chrome.  We will check into why Firefox isn't working as well, but for now, consider downloading documents, webinars, etc... from our website in Chrome.

  • W-2s and 1099s are due to employees and vendors as well as the Social Security Administration and IRS by the end of the month.  We have scheduled 2 workdays this week to assist with this process.  Sign up for one or both as desired.  The first is session #106368 on Wednesday.  The second is #106369 on Thursday.  Both will be in the Shackelford lab.

  • Forms for the Affordable Care Act have a later due date.  We are finalizing documents and will record webinars this week to release on the website.  If you would like to work on these during the workdays, feel free!  

  • Mid-Year PEIMS is due to TEA on January 24.  Please submit your files as soon as possible and email copies of your C-1 and C-3 schedules out of your financial audit for us to use in our review.

  •     When you are ready to Reconcile be sure to click Save As Pending then click on Reconcile.

Lana's Tips and Tricks

These tips are designed to give you a jump start on upcoming deadlines, highlight helpful features, and insure TxEIS runs efficiently. Look for these New Tips & Tricks in more detail, every Monday.

  • To file your 1099’s online, you will need access to the IRS FIRE website.  To register as a new user you will go to:

  • To submit your W-2’s online you will need access to Business Services Online (BSO) on the Social Security website.  There are other services available that may be of use to you once you’ve been granted access.  Register as a new user at:

  • Just a reminder to order your W-2 and 1099 tax forms if you want the perforated forms for your employees and/or vendors (as opposed to printing on plain paper.)  You can order those from most any office supply company. 
    • ·  For W-2s, order Blank Face, 3 up with backers + envelopes
    • ·  For 1099s, order 1099 Blank Front with backers + envelopes.  These should be perforated so you can print 2 forms per page.
    • ·  Your 1095-C forms for ACA reporting are printed on plain paper with no backer so you do not have to order them.

    Remember that if you use Employee Access, your employees can print their own forms once you have finalized the W-2 run.  Our document and webinar will provide all of the information necessary to ensure your employees can retrieve the information when you are ready.

  • You may enter this Non-TRS reimbursement under Maintenance>Hours/Pay Transmittals>Non-TRS tab.  Complete the information and add the account code you want to use.  Enter the reimbursement under taxable or non-taxable, as applicable by IRS guidelines, and give the reason for the payment.  This will ensure amounts are correctly recorded on the W-2 automatically so you don’t have to do so manually.

For additional information refer to our W-2 document called Common Taxable and Non-Taxable Fringe Benefits, on our website or search the IRS website for the current Publication 15-B - Employers’ Guide to Fringe Benefits.

  • This week’s tips and tricks topic is all about the Job Codes Table.  The more that is filled out in this table, the more that is automatically populated when you are entering a new employee, and the less you must populate manually!
  • If you submit to the EEOC (and even if you don’t have to), assigning the appropriate code from drop down box will allow you to run the EEOC report and have your information ready to submit easily.
  • Completing most or all of each account code, i.e. – 199-11-6119-xx-xxx-xxx-xxx will assist you when entering data on the distribution screen.  TxEIS can pick up the campus the person is tied to from the job info screen. Then you will only have to edit or add items more specific to that person, such as program intent codes.  
  • Salary Concept is normally tied to the annual salary table, but if your district uses hourly or mid-point salary scales, those may be selected.
  • Selecting the FSP – staff salary class code for each job code, where applicable, makes the FSP Staff Salary Data report work for you so you don’t have to manually count when reporting to TEA.

  • Maintain Insurance data on employees as part of your new employee setup routine and as changes occur to reduce the time ACA reporting takes in January. In Human Resources, from Maintenance > Staff Demo > Insurance tab.

  • Update your Extra Duty Code table to reflect TRS Position Codes to ensure more accurate TRS Reporting uploads.


Emily Jeffrey: Chief Financial Officer

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