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Region 14’s Center for Business Services is responsible for business operations for the Service Center, providing administrative and financial assistance and support to school districts within our region, software support for districts using TxEIS, assistance and support to outside agencies for whom Region 14 serves as the fiscal agent, and much more. 


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A Guide to Statutory Professional Development/Training for Texas Public School Employees.  Providing Quality Professional Development for Texas school districts for over 50 years.

Print Guide on 11x17 paper - front and                 back.


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Please use the ticket system on our website, send an email, or leave a message on our voicemail for Help. 


General Information

Send us information on any meetings that you feel would be beneficial to our district staff. We just need to know what you would like to learn or get a refresher course on.


Emily Jeffrey: Chief Financial Officer


                                                                                           Business Consortium                                       

April 19, 2022


May 10, 2022 

  • Template & Schools FIRST - Carol Voit - Register in PitStop


*** Additional dates and information will be added once finalized.  

            November           Business at a Glance

The following business tasks have been identified for the month of November. Use the checklist below to ensure that the tasks are addressed, if applicable.


  • Complete the fall PEIMS submission. Once the final file is submitted, review all of the final reports to ensure that you have an accurate record of submission. 
  • Complete the Transportation Operations report. (Due December 1st)
  • Continue the audit tasks.

Payroll & Personnel

  • Order W-2 and 1099 tax forms, if needed.
  • Verify access to the Social Security and IRS sites for calendar year-end reporting. Revise the unemployment rates and maximum wage limits as needed.