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Eduphoria!: Suite

The Suite includes Aware, Forethought, Helpdesk, Formspace and Facilities and Events.

Services available through Eduphoria! include:


Eduphoria!:Aware allows districts to maintain item banks, create tests, conduct student assessments, analyze data, and build student forms.
  • Analyze STAAR data in a rich, interacitve grid
  • Create and share custom data views to focus on important issues for your district
  • Develop easy-to-administer benchmark test
  • Print answer documents on plain paper and scan with inexpensive retail scanners
  • Create a district bank of benchmark questions
  • Build student personal graduation plans
  • Deploy secure student forms for almost any purpose
  • Create views of data for easy publishing to staff members
  • Generate graphs automatically as you are interacting with your data
  • Connect external data for analysis

Eduphoria!: Forethought 

A lesson planner that fits they way you plan. Eduphoria!:Forethought is a simple planner and curriculum management application that was created with teachers in mind.

  • Develop district scope and sequence online
  • Create clarifying documents on best practices
  • Align curriculum with TEKS and STAAR
  • Develop district bank of exemplary activities and lessons
  • Collaborate with shared plans and team planning
  • Rich text planning area for attractive lesson plans
  • Plan a day-at-a-time or for a week's subject-at-a-time
  • Easily copy plans from year-to-year or week-to-week
  • No more turning in lesson plans


Eduphoria!: STRIVE provides a web-based total T-TESS/T-PESS management system, giving teachers, principals and superintendents a single tool to create, submit and monitor appraisal documents.
  • Complete web-based T-TESS/T-PESS solution
  • Blackberry, iPhone/iPod Touch, Pocket PC, Tablet & Palm OS walkthrough tools
  • Reports mirror official state reports
  • Enable staff members to view their evaluations online
  • Intervention plan notification and instrument
  • Track T-TESS/T-PESS progress through the year
  • Alternate evaluation builder, enabling non-teaching staff to be evaluated
  • District-wide evaluators and viewers supported

Eduphoria!: Formspace

  • Advanced form management tool set
  • Build online forms and surveys for district personnel and your community
  • Analyze and export information using powerful reporting and data tools
  • Develop automated and dynamic free flowing workflows for approvals and notifications
  • Easy-to-learn form editor tool
  • Easily gather information with web forms and export to custom documents with mail merge
  • Save paper and reduce printing costs

Eduphoria!: Facilities & Events

One tool to track asset inventory, facility use and manage your inventory where it's located.  


Eduphoria!: Helpdesk

Helpdesk provides an approachable interface for all district staff. By creating a single access point for multiple departments, staff can report the various problems they encounter in a one place. Combined with independently customized options and dynamic reporting for each department, Helpdesk is a powerful tool for any K-12 technology, maintenance, or instructional department.

For more information and pricing contact:

John Lally                                                       Amy Wright  (325) 675-8667        (325) 675-7018