Region XIV Education Service Center
Board of Director’s Meeting
1850 Highway 351
Abilene, Texas
Thursday, June 18, 2020
11:30 a.m.

1.0 Call to Order
2.0 Introduction of Guests
2.1 Public Comment on Possible Grant Applications
3.0 Action Items
3.1 Oath of Office
3.2 Reorganization of the Board
3.3 Minutes
3.4 Approve Annual Evaluation Report
3.5 Board Report
3.6 Budget Amendment
3.7 Local Policy Update 25 – First Reading
3.8 Head Start & Early Head Start
3.8.1 Monthly Financial Report
o West Head Start Budget
o West Early Head Start Budget
o East Head Start Budget
o East Early Head Start Budget
o Early Head Start Expansion
o ESC 14 Credit Card Expenditures (shared)
3.8.2 Policies and Procedures 1302.61(b)(c) & 1302.63
3.8.3 Policies and Procedures 1302.33(a)(1)(2)(3)(4); 1302.61; 1302.63
3.8.4 Policies and Procedures 1302.41(a)(b)(1)(2)
3.8.5 Grant 06CH011462-Supplemental
3.8.6 Grant 06HP000297 – Budget Amendment
3.8.7 Monthly Reports
Enrollment/Child Count
USDA: Meals and Snacks
Policy Council Minutes – May 2020
Director’s Report – Parent University; Human Resources
Communication from the Secretary
OHS – Full Enrollment Policy Questions and Answers
Head Start Program Facts Fiscal Year 2019
Health Implementation Plan
Availability Calendar
Parent’s Guide to Digital Tools
Supporting Food Security for Families
Action for Happiness Calendar
Delegate Information – Region 15 ESC
- Policy Council Minutes – May 2020
- Director’s Report – June 2020
Training: ERSEA Strategies During a Pandemic
3.9 Personnel
3.9.1 Employments
4.0 Information and Discussion Items
4.1 Retirement Reception Date
5.0 Adjourn

Members of the Board of Directors May Convene into Executive Session.