Region XIV Education Service Center
Board of Director’s Meeting
1850 Highway 351
Abilene, Texas
Thursday, February 25, 2021
11:30 a.m.

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1.0 Call to Order

2.0 Introduction of Guests
2.1 Public Comment on Possible Grant Applications

3.0 Information & Discussion
3.1 Election Information
3.2 Conflict of Interest Form

4.0 Action Items
4.1 Minutes
4.2 Board Report
4.3 Local Policy Update 26 – Second Reading
4.4 Uncontested Election
4.5 Head Start
4.5.1 Monthly Financial Report for Head Start/Early Head Start
o West Head Start Budget
o West Early Head Start Budget
o East Head Start
o East Early Head Start
o Early Head Start Expansion
o ESC-14 Credit Card Expenditures (Shared Item/No Action Required)
4.5.2 Policy & Procedure – Caring for Children – Use of Pacifiers
4.5.3 Policy & Procedure – 1302.47(b)(6)(i)(ii)(iii) Hygiene, Diapering, Food Prep, Blood and Body Fluid Exposure
4.5.4 Policy & Procedure – 1302.40(b) Health Services Advisory Committee
4.5.5 Policy & Procedure – 1302.16 Attendance
4.5.6 School Readiness Goals
4.5.7 Selection Criteria - Enrollment Point System (under separate cover)
4.5.8 Region 14 ESC Head Start Emergency Operation Plan (under separate cover)
4.5.9 Shared Items
Monthly Reports
Enrollment /Child Count
USDA: Meals and Snacks
Region 14 ESC Head Start Policy Council Minutes (1/12/21)
Director’s Report
Operating Status
Grant – 06CH011543 (Planning)
Federal Poverty Guidelines
Federal Review – Focus Area 1
Dual Language Learners
NHSA – Head Start Policy Agenda
Governance Readiness Assessment
Nuts and Bolts of Strategic Planning
Self-Assessment – Asking the Right Questions
Communication from Secretary
Strategic Maintenance Planning Tool
Action Calendar – February 2021
Program Information Report 2020-2021-
Strategic Planning -
Black History Month -
Delegate Information – Region 15 ESC
o Policy Council Minutes (January 2021)
o Director’s Report (February 2021)
Training: Head Start Management Systems Wheel: Guiding Questions During a Pandemic
4.6 Board Vacancy
4.7 Personnel
4.7.1 Written Evaluation & Contract Consideration of Executive Director

5.0 Adjourn
Members of the Board of Directors May Convene into Executive Session.