Region XIV Education Service Center
Board of Director’s Meeting
1850 Highway 351
Abilene, Texas

Thursday, June 22, 2023
11:30 a.m.


1.0 Call to Order

2.0 Introduction of Guests
2.1 Public Comment on Possible Grant Applications

3.0 Action Items
3.1 Oath of Office
3.2 Reorganization of the Board
3.3 Minutes
3.4 Approve Annual Evaluation Report (Under separate cover)
3.5 Board Report
3.6 Budget Amendment
3.7 Investment Report
3.8 Personnel
3.8.1 Employments
3.8.2 Resignations
3.9 Head Start & Early Head Start
3.9.1 Monthly Financial Report
o Head Start Budget
o Early Head Start Budget
o ESC 14 Credit Card Expenditures (Shared Item / No Action Required)
3.9.2 Policy & Procedure – 648A(e)(2), 1302.91 (e)(2)(3)(B) – Staff Qualifications
3.9.3 Monthly Reports
o Enrollment/Child Count
o Attendance ERSEA Report (May 2023)
o USDA: Meals and Snacks
o Director’s Report – June 2023
o Communication from the Secretary
- Information Memorandum – ACF- IM-HS-23-02 American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) Head Start Eligibility Through Tribal TANF
o OHS – Program Performance Summary Report
o OHS – Results from CLASS Video Pilot Observations
o OHS – Request for Waiver approval
o Classroom Assessment Scoring System – Head Start/Early Data Information
o Teaching Strategies CLI – Teaching School Readiness Data Analysis
o Region 14 ESC Head Start/Early Head Start Policy Council Minutes – (May 2023)
o ACF-OHS – Opportunities to Support the Mental Health and Well-Being of the Early Care and Education Workforce
o Sesame Street in Communities Issue No. 20 – Hurray for Healthy Teams
o National Center on Health, Behavioral Health and Safety – Treating Oral Health Injuries
o OHS – Directors Email Digest – May 2023
o Action for Happiness Calendar – June 2023
o Delegate Information – Region 15 ESC
- Policy Council Minutes (May 2023)
- Director’s Report (June 2023)
- Monthly Financial Statements – (June 2023)

- Training: Using Social Media to Engage Families (Under Separate Cover)

4.0 Information and Discussion Items
4.1 Retirement Reception Date
4.2 TAESC Conference – November 17-19, 2023
5.0 Adjourn

Members of the Board of Directors May Convene into Executive Session.