Ascender Employee Portal

We have posted the Ascender Employee Portal User Guide to our website:

We sometimes hear things like, "I used the Forgot Password link but never got an email to reset it." or " It just spins and spins." Occasionally, users set up a new account and still have trouble - usually because they are using a special character in their password or their password is too long. The guide will address all of these issues.  If you have experienced any of the scenarios above, it may be helpful to contact your business office and ask them to delete your current Employee Portal account.  Once that is complete, reference the User Guide to set up a new account, ensuring you conform to the new username and password rules.  

The most common issues revolve around the username and password.  The Username must be 6 – 8 characters (no more, no less) and can only contain letters and/or numbers. You may not use spaces or special characters.  If another user has chosen the username you try, you’ll be prompted to choose another as usernames must be unique within the school district.

Passwords must be 6-9 characters (no more, no less) and can only contain letters and/or numbers. As with the username, you may not use spaces or special characters.  Passwords are case sensitive. 

Additionally, if you have not created a new account in Ascender Employee Portal, the Forgot Password link will not work until you set up a new account.  The old Employee Access did not program the ability to retrieve or reset passwords.  If you continue to have questions or problems, feel free to contact ESC 14 for assistance.  


Ascender Migration:

The link to the video that shows the differences between TxEIS and Ascender: