How do I register my child?

Print off the Application and return to your Local School District, along with Proof of Income (1040, W2, Child Support, income for all employment in the last 12 months, SNAP, TANF, SSI), Proof of Residency, Proof of Birth (Birth Certificate, Hospital Record, or Baptismal Record), and Proof of Guardianship if applicable.

Other items needed but not required for enrollment: Immunization Records, and proof of Medicaid, Chips, or Private Insurance.

2024-2025 Head Start Application (English)

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2024-2025 Head Start Returning Application (English)

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Federal Income
Guidelines 2024
Family Size                    Max 
1                                      $15,060
2                                      $20,440
3                                      $25,820
4                                      $31,200
5                                      $36,580
6                                      $41,960
7                                      $47,340
8                                      $52,720
For each additional person, add

Source:   HHS Poverty Guidelines

Region 14 ESC Head Start Serves the Following School Districts
Servicing the following School Districts: Albany, Anson, Breckenridge, Cisco, Clyde, Colorado City (HS/EHS), Comanche (HS/EHS), DeLeon (HS/EHS), Eastland, Hamlin (HS/EHS), Merkel, Stamford, and Sweetwater (HS/EHS).