Early Childhood PBIS
Early Childhood Behavior Pyramid
What is Early Childhood PBIS?
PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention Supports.  Therefore Early Childhood PBIS is geared for children up to age 8.  Region 14 has created a training session for implementing a quality PBIS program for head starts, prekindergartens, and child care programs.  The foundation of this program comes from the Center for Social Emotional Foundations in Early Learning (CSEFEL) website. 

Implementing EC-PBIS does not mean you are purchasing another "thing" to "do" on your campus or in your program.  EC-PBIS and School-Wide PBIS for grade schools and secondary schools is a process.  A campus team goes through an implementation plan to design the program that is right for them.

What does the Region 14 training process include?
Our training includes 4 days of planning. Typically 3 in the spring, and 1 in the summer. Only a few schools are accepted per year to ensure quality facilitation and support throughout the planning process. The "Rollout" of your program happens at the beginning of the following school year.

During training, your team will develop a mission statement, policies and procedures for various areas and routines in your facility, student and staff expectations, a calendar of events, a theme, a reward system and a unified discipline data collection system.

Your team will learn how to collect, analyze, and problem solve data that will implement a change in individual behavior and the overall climate of the program or campus.

Your team is provided materials and examples that will help springboard and organize your ideas for the various aspects of the process.

How do I go through the EC-PBIS training with my school or program?
Contact Trudy Little, Lisette Spraggins, Jackie Lee, or Margaret Richins for more information.

Visuals for Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS)
Feel free to download, save, and print these resources for your classroom. Credit for these resources goes to the Center of Social Emotional Foundations in Early Learning (CSEFEL), the Technical Assistance Center for Social Emotional Intervention (TACSEI), the University of South Florida & Florida Positive Behavior Supports Project and Shady Hills Elementary School.
PreK PBIS Live Binder Resources
This Livebinder is available online, but presented here for a quick reference to links and resources that are downloadable for your use. These are the materials that are offered in the PEACE Kit training.