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The Media Production Lab provides you with services and resources for use in the classroom and the community. Please check the great resources listed and described below.  

All Region 14 schools and communities have access to:

  • Lamination
  • Poster Maker 
  • Die Cut machine

Note* If Region 14 is completing the service there is up to a 2 day turnaround depending on job size

Lamination Services
We offer laminating services for any kind of paper up to 25" wide.

The cost is .90 cent a foot

This service is to be completed by the media lab personnel.  


Poster Making
The Media Production Lab can also print out a poster from a document or picture that the customer provides.
We have a One touch plus poster replicate a single poster from a 8x11 document.
The document must be brought in pre-printed with exactly what you would like on the poster. Our machines enlarge what you have on your document. 

We have 2 pre-preprogrammed sizes to select from and are not able to edit or customize. 
  • Small posters are "18x24"  can be mounted on poster board and laminated.  Cost is $16 or $20 completed 
  • Large posters are "24x31"  can only be laminated.      Cost is $32 or $34

This service is to be completed by the media lab personnel.  

Die Cut Services
The Media Production Lab has a VariQuest Cutout Maker 1800 machine which has over 4000 die cut templates that can be beneficial for custom and big die cut jobs. The die cut machine is able to cut magnetic, vinyl and construction sheets which are available to purchase here. If the Media lab completes the die cut job there is an additional price added to the total. Please see media price sheet for costs. 

Click to view the benefits of the Cutout Maker

Click to view Die Cut template catalog.

Region 14 also offers over 600 AccuCut templates on hand to be used at no cost, except for the price of paper. 

 Our media center is open during business hours and closes 30 minutes before closing times. 


Due to merchant cost we are not able to take credit card and are cash pay only. 

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