What is Texas Behavior Support Initiative (TBSI)?

Senate Bill 1196 of the 77th Texas Legislature required the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to develop rules related to training on the use of restraint and time-out for students with disabilities.

The Texas Behavior Support Initiative (TBSI) training meets the requirements established in the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §89.1053, related to the procedures for use of restraint and time-out.

This training is also designed to build campus level knowledge and skills on the use of Positive Behavior Supports for students with disabilities and to build campus level capacity on the use of positive behavior interventions with all students. Each campus (including charter schools) in the state is required to have a core team trained in TBSI.

The core team must include the following:

• campus administrator or designee
• general or special education personnel likely to use restraint
• general or special education personnel who implement time-out based on requirements established in a student’s IEP.

For more details on Texas Administrative Code 89.1053 go to Legal Framework Restraint at Region 18  
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Online Training Description for TBSI 

The Texas Behavior Support Initiative, or TBSI, is a legislatively mandated state level training by Senate Bill 1196 and the Texas Administrative Code. §89.1053. The TBSI training is designed to provide foundational knowledge for the use of Positive behavior Interventions and Supports for students with disabilities as well as with all students. While the TBSI training meets legislative requirements related to procedures for the use of restraint and time-out, it also provides a framework for sharing a wide range of foundational level behavior strategies and prevention based school-wide, classroom, and individual interventions.

TBSI Administrator Overview 

This training is intended to provide campus leaders with a quick review about the
requirements and management for the use of physical restraint, time-out, and seclusion in the schools. This overview is not intended to replace the TBSI training for the purpose of Core Team membership. The goal is to make sure that all administrative and leadership staff on a campus be familiar with what is included and required as a part of the entire online training.

The TBSI online course is hosted by Region 4 Education Service Center

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