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Behavior Webinar Series
These webinar series projects are a collaborative effort among Texas Service Centers. We will continue to build the library of webinars to help enhance behavior intervention tools and strategies.

Administrators Webinar Series: This webinar series was made possible through the partnership of the following Education Service Centers
 Veronica Trevino  ESC 2
 Ami Garcia  ESC 3
 Clynita Grafenreed  ESC 4
 Delarosa Desiree  ESC 5
 Michelle Harris  ESC 6
 Shirley Agan  ESC 8
 Michelle Parsons  ESC 11
 Gwen Ryan  ESC 12
 Janice Burch  ESC 13
 Lisette Spraggins  ESC 14
 Lindy Lyles  ESC 15
 Val Meixner  ESC 17
 Wes Temple  ESC 19
 Darlene Redclift  ESC 20

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Students who present challenging behaviors often get caught in a revolving door of office referrals, detentions, ISS and even DAEP.  This series is to review resources, strategies and supports for students to get out of the vicious cycle and to gain skills to be successful in school.
Heather Peshak George, Ph.D University of Florida

Suspension serves multiple purposes, it is intended to punish students by removing them from the school environment, reduce opportunities for reinforcements of behavior, alert parents, and provide a period of respite to protect other students and school staff from intensive and or violent behavior that could jeopardize the safety of others. This webinar will summarize the research findings on suspension and the harm it causes students. It will cover the basic scientific evidence on student and school characteristics related to the use of suspension the effects of suspension on students and the effectiveness of alternatives to suspension.

Recording Link: click here
INSTITUTE ON DISABILITY / UCED University of New Hampshire

RENEW is a structured school-to-career transition planning and individualized wraparound process for youth with emotional and behavioral challenges. The model focuses on supporting each youth to design and pursue a plan for the transition from school to adult life. RENEW has substantially increased the high school completion, employment, and post-secondary education participation rates among our most vulnerable youth.

Recording Link: click here
Dr. Deanne Crone Author

Check-In Check-Out is an efficient and cost-effective system developed for the students who fail to meet school-wide disciplinary expectations but do not yet require intensive, individualized services. This process provides step-by-step guidelines to support daily behavioral feedback, positive adult attention, and increased home-school collaboration.

Recording Link: click here
Linda Bruene, Director of the Behavioral Research and Training Institute University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

Ripple Effects is a behavioral training software program that is ideal for pro-active   intervention to prevent students from entering the revolving door of In-School Suspension (ISS) and other detention settings. It provides a graduated system of logically related, social skill building lessons that fully engage students in learning the skills they need to succeed.  This software tool assists in building resiliency, social emotional competencies and specifically addresses more than 95% of discipline infractions such as; talking back, or disrupting class, to lying, cheating, fighting, bullying, theft, graffiti, hate crimes and more.

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Rose Iovannone, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Author

The Prevent-Teach-Reinforce (PTR) model of behavior support is a team-based, systematic, structured process for supporting students with challenging behaviors that have not been resolved satisfactorily with classroom and school wide behavior management systems. PTR utilizes scientifically validated practices of functional behavior assessment, reinforcement and teaching new behaviors.

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Safe and Civil Schools Resources to Prevent Misbehavior

This session will examine a range of programs and processes developed by Randy Sprick and colleagues at Safe & Civil Schools that are designed to help students at risk of exhibiting severe misbehavior learn to behave more respectfully and responsibly. Content will include the use of meaningful jobs, mentorship, check and connect, and the design and implementation of evidence-based behavioral intervention plans.

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Dr. Hope Caperton-Brown, Author

P.A.S.S helps school staff serve students with serious emotional/behavioral disturbances in the general education setting, using individualized programming that incorporates best practices. Programming combines targeted, intensive instruction with behavior monitoring and coaching support for the student and the teacher. The program aims to assist the student in developing self-management skills and relies on data to drive decisions regarding student programming.

Recording click  here
Jessica Sprick shares some resources and tips on addressing Absenteeism and Tardies

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Sometimes we are faced with the responsibility to create a more restrictive setting for students who present challenging behaviors. These are a few resources including a webinar that may be useful in developing that setting.

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Academic Strategies to Address Challenging Behaviors Dr. Brenda Sheuermann
This webinar will cover academic strategies that teachers should be able to use not only for academic needs, but to address challenging behaviors that occur during academic instruction. The instructional strategies to be covered will be referenced to potential functions of challenging behaviors (attention; escape) that may be addressed as part of the strategy. The science supporting these strategies will be described briefly, the strategies will be explained, and examples provided for each strategy. In addition, recommended resources will be provided, including websites, and/or government reports and practice guides. 

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Destructive and Disengaged
Many times we find the ways we interact with aggressive and unmotivated students seem to make the situations worse. In this workshop, you will receive a brief overview of the causes, prevalence and prognosis of these different types of behaviors. The bulk of this workshop will provide specific strategies, methods of intervention, and particular phrases to use with these students to make life easier for you and them.

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Emotional Disorders Dr. Andrea Ogonosky
Emotional Disorders This session will provide participants with a general overview and necessary system-wide (PBIS) criteria for developing a strong behavioral problems solving process within the general education as well as special education classroom for students with conditions affecting their emotions.  The focus and emphasis of the session will be on strong instructional strategies and emotional/behavioral interventions that are aligned with the varied needs of students exhibiting characteristics consistent with an emotional disturbance.

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Extremely Challenging Behaviors/Tier 3 Interventions  Dr. Ann Hughes
Tier 3 houses the systematic approach to addressing the needs of 3-5% of your student population. This session will address specific systemic interventions and individual strategies to meet the needs of the most challenging behaviors.

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Internalizing and Externalizing Behavior Interventions Dr. Kimberly Vannest
Externalizing and internalizing behaviors can cause classroom and school disruptions. Aggression and conduct problems interfere with academic performances as much as anxiety and depression. Learn some NEW strategies and refine your skills with a few classics to improve student outcomes.

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Addressing Challenging Behaviors with Classroom Management Dr. Diane Myers
Wow!!! the school year can be a challenge and it may be time to add new strategies for classroom management to add to your bag of tricks.  Teachers across the state and the nation are excited about this energetic author.  She will provide tons of strategies from a solid foundation in behavioral principals for effective classroom management.  This session is for ALL teachers, no matter the years of experience, this will be a great opportunity.  This training is perfect to address Texas Teacher Evaluation Support System 3.1

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ADHD Strategies Dr. Laura Riffel

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Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plans Dr. Kathleen Strickland-Cohen
Lets dig deeper into understanding behavior.  This session will provide resources and tools for conducting a Functional Behavior Assessment to determine the the function of behavior and to reveal the patterns of behavior.  Additionally, there are resource on how to create a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) so that you can shape the behavior outcomes you desire

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It’s all Fun and Games Until Someone Identifies the Function of Your Behavior Michelle Harris & Dr. Kimberly Harvey

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