Administrator Appraisal Training

All school districts have two choices in selecting a method to appraise principals:
  • a principal appraisal system recommended by the Commissioner of Education - T-PESS, 
  • a locally developed principal appraisal system  ( TAC - Title 19, Part 2, Chapter 150.1021, subchapter BB)
     For more information on T-PESS, see the website at  

Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, each principal appraisal shall include the campus level
academic growth or progress of the students enrolled at the principal's campus.

The previously existing Commissioner's recommended process for appraisals of superintendents
has been removed from the TEA Appraisal Rules.   See TEC 21.354  Appraisal of Certain Administrators 21.354 (C1)

Since there currently is not a commissioner's recommended appraisal process and performance criteria for superintendents, option 21.354 (C2) is the available option.  This locally developed option is a two-step process that involves:
  • development of the appraisal system by the district in consultation with the district-level committee
  • adoption by the Board of Trustees


Greg Priddy