Alternative Certification Program

Teacher Alternative Certification Program

Region 14 ESC SOUTH
4300 South Treadaway Blvd
Abilene, TX 79602
Phone 325-675-7020
Fax 325-695-1101

Region 14, which has been involved in alternative certification since 1988, offers a teacher certification program for individuals who have a bachelor’s degree from any accredited university.  Region 14’s alternative certification program is an intensive, fast-paced program for highly motivated candidates.

Region 14 offers teacher certification in the following areas:

  • Core Subjects EC-6
  • Core Subjects 4-8
  • Math 7-12
  • Science 7-12
  • Special Education EC-12*

*This certification area is not a stand-alone certification. Special education would be a second area of certification.

General Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning
  • Minimum grade-point average (GPA) of 2.5 OR 2.75 on the last sixty (60) hours
  • Proficiency in basic reading, written communication, and mathematics or passing scores on TASP/THEA/TSI

Meeting application requirements does not guarantee acceptance into Region 14’s Alternative Certification Program.

NOTE:  Acceptance into the Region 14’s Alternative Certification Program does not guarantee employment by any school district.  Each applicant must secure his/her own employment for the internship.


Content Area Proficiency

Core Subjects EC-6 (determined in one of the following ways): 
24 semester hours (with coursework minimum GPA of 2.5) in combination of the following:

  • English (minimum of 6 hours)
  • Mathematics (minimum of 3 hours)
  • Natural science (minimum 3 hours)
  • Social studies (minimum 3 hours--includes history, economics, and government)
  • Remaining 9 hours comprised of any above listed subjects


Applicant has passed the Core Subjects EC-6 TExES Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT)

Core Subjects 4-8 (determined in one of the following ways):
24 semester hours (with coursework minimum GPA of 2.5) in combination of the following:

  • English (minimum of 6 hours)
  • Mathematics (minimum of 3 hours)
  • Natural science (minimum 3 hours)
  • Social studies (minimum 3 hours--includes history, economics, and government)
  • Remaining 9 hours comprised of any above listed subjects


Applicant has passed the Core Subjects 4-8 TExES Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT)


Science 7-12
36 semester hours (with coursework minimum GPA of 2.5) in combination of the following:

  • Physics (minimum 6 hours)
  • Chemistry (minimum 6 hours)
  • Biology (minimum 6 hours)
  • Remaining 18 hours comprised of any above listed subjects


Applicant has passed a Science 7-12 TExES Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT)


Mathematics 7-12
24 semester hours (with coursework minimum GPA of 2.5) in mathematics

  • 12 of the 24 semester hour should reflect upper-level coursework


Applicant has passed a Mathematics 7-12 TExES Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT)

NOTE:  Candidates with a degree from a foreign institution must:

  • Have transcripts evaluated by Foreign Credentials Service of America, (512) 459-8428, showing degree earned and grade equivalencies
  • Take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scoring a minimum of 24 for speaking, 22 for listening, 22 for reading, and 21 for writing sections of the TOEFL.
Application Process
  • Candidate advisement and transcript evaluation
    • Prospective candidate submits the following items:
      • Region 14 Transcript Evaluation/Advisement Form,
      • Official transcripts from ALL colleges/universities attended (even if the hours are listed as transfer hours on a subsequent transcript), AND
      •  a $50.00 non-refundable transcript evaluation fee
    • Program consultant evaluates transcripts and makes a recommendation of certification area that best fits the candidate’s educational background.
    • Program consultant notifies candidate of program recommendation for certification.
  • Submission of program application
    • If the prospective candidate meets the admission requirements, program consultant will provide an application packet for the candidate.
    • The following documents are submitted with the application:
      • Completed application,
      • OFFICIAL transcripts (in sealed envelope from the college/university) for all colleges/universities attended even if hours are listed on a subsequent transcript, AND
      • $50.00 non-refundable application fee.
    • Application process includes the following:
      • Criminal background check,
      • Critical thinking test
      • Nelson Denny Reading Test
      • Reference verification, AND
      • Formal interview
    • Program consultant provides a notice of acceptance to the program.
    • Candidate returns the Program Acceptance form to program consultant along with the non-refundable $1000 down payment and $35 state fee. 
Training Schedule: Begins October 1
  • October - December:  Online content training
  • January - June:  Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility (PPR) and Special Education Training, meets Saturdays (9-4 pm) and four to six evenings per month (6-9 pm Tuesday &Thursday)
  • August - April:  One Saturday (9-4 pm) per month
  • Open Enrollment:  October until the beginning of January training

NOTE:  When a candidate completes the content training modules, completes the required 30 clock hours of field experience (observations/instructional or educational experiences under supervision), and passes the TExES content exam, and the PPR exam, the candidate may be eligible for a probationary certificate if a job becomes available.  Candidates who have passed only a content exam may be eligible for an intern certificate. 

Program Costs
Effective January 13, 2016
  • Transcript evaluation/advisement fee:  $50.00 non-refundable fee
  • Program application fee:  $50.00 non-refundable application fee submitted with the completed application
  • $35 State fee
  • Program fee:  $5,500
    • $1000 non-refundable down-payment upon program acceptance
    • Remaining $4,500 pro-rated over 10 months once candidate begins the internship
    • NOTE:  Out-of-region fee:  additional $1,000 if intern secures an internship outside of Region 14
  • Books/material fees:  Candidates will be required to purchase their own Certify Teacher subscriptions and required textbooks.  
  • TExES examination fee: 
    • $116 per certification test:  payable to Pearson Testing at the time of registration for each test (plus a state processing fee)
  • Probationary certificate fee:  (if applicable)  $78 paid to TEA if teacher needs a probationary certificate for an internship
  • Fingerprinting fee: 
    • Paid to fingerprint processor, and
    • $78 payable to TEA at the time of application for either a probationary or intern certificate)
  • Standard certificate fee:  $78 paid to TEA when candidate applies for Standard certification

NOTE:  If the candidate does not secure a full-time teaching internship, the candidate may complete the internship requirement through clinical teaching (like student teaching in traditional certification program).  A candidate who participates in clinical teaching is not paid as a full-time teacher.  Clinical teachers will pay a non-refundable $500 clinical teaching fee prior to beginning clinical teaching.  The remaining balance must be paid before certification is approved.

Possible Sources of Financial Aid
  • Region14ESC's Teacher ACP program is approved through the CAL loan program.  For information about the CAL loan, visit
  • Texas Workforce Commission:  Region 14 is a WIA Eligible Training Provider for candidates who meet the requirements for benefits.
Information Required by Texas Education Code 21.044

Each educator preparation program must provide information regarding: (1) the skills that educators are required to possess, the responsibilities that educators are required to accept, and the high expectations for students in this state; (2) the effect of supply and demand forces on the educator workforce in this state

Information Required by TEC 21.044 (g) (1) and (2)

Criteria for Certification
  • Completion of all training requirements
  • Satisfactory completion of all assignments and projects
  • Successful completion of all required TExES examinations
  • Recommendation from both the intern’s administrator and Region 14 field supervisor
  • Payment of all program costs, TExES fees, and TEA fingerprinting fees (if applicable)

Teaching certification received through Region 14’s Alternative Certification Program is recognized throughout the state of Texas.  These certificates are commensurate to certificates earned in university programs.

How to Get Started
  • Submit Region 14’s Transcript Evaluation/Advisement form
  • Submit $50 transcript evaluation fee
  • Submit official copies of the transcript from each college or university attended


Candidates will submit documents to:
    Greg Pace
Region 14 ESC South
4300 S. Treadaway Blvd.
Abilene, TX  79602

Program Contact
Greg Pace, consultant
Office phone:  325-675-7026
Cell phone:  325-725-1808

TEA Complaint Process for Complaints Against an Educator Preparation Program